SHRED SHED – YOUR Home Gym Squad

Our Story

Shred Shed has been a prominent name in the Australian Fitness Industry for many years. Based in Sydney, Australia, it has a reputation for value for money, convenience, and a wide range of products all in one store.  We have high standards for gym and fitness equipment that are reflected in our products quality, functionality and safety.  No matter what your age or your goal you will find the right equipment in our store.  Our customers bring their fitness home and abandon their gym membership, but still understand how important fitness is at fraction of the cost.

What We Do

At Shred Shed we plan to empower and move Australians to open their wellness potential. One person, one tool, each wellness objective in turn. Whilst thinking of your budget and your fitness goals we can help with training at home, with a wide range fitness gear and great customer service.

Customer Service

Our team of enthusiastic fitness gurus strive to meet client desires and pride ourselves in being the one-stop-shop in fitness. With many years of experience, we offer our customers sound industry and equipment knowledge.

Hard work goes without saying at Shred Shed and that is how we have been able to maintain strong relationships with our suppliers and partners and therefore able to provide the best equipment at the best price.

Core Values

Asset to the communities we serve

Valuable resources to our clients

Dedicated to helping people with their fitness